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WorkFusion RPA Express Interview Question-Answer

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Q.1 Which of the following are the capabilities of SPA?

       A. Cognitive automation

       B. Workforce Orchestration

       C. Robotic automation

       D. All of the options

Ans : All of the options

Q.2 In SPA task can be automated using __________.

       A. Human-based automatics

       B. Rule-based automatics

       C. Robotic automation

       D. All of the options

Ans : Rule-based automatics

Q.3 SPA Automates all operations easily by using _______________.

       A. Humans

       B. Artificial Intelligence

       C. Robots

       D. Both Robots and Humans

Ans : Artificial Intelligence

Q.4 SPA is also called as _____________.

       A. Virtual robot scientist

       B. Virtual Data scientist

       C. Virtual machine scientist

       D. virtual automation scientist

Ans : Virtual Data scientist

Q.5 _____________ is applied to machine learning algorithms.

       A. Segregated data

       B. Quality pattern data

       C. Quality data

       D. Pattern data

Ans : Quality pattern data

Q.6 You can create new recording by pressing ______.

       A. F3

       B. F8

       C. F5

       D. F2

Ans : F5

Q.7 Which of the following components is essential for successful automation?

       A. Digitize

       B. Build

       C. Customize

       D. Manage

       E. All of the options

Ans : All of the options

Q.8 Control tower and OCR is in _________ by default.

       A. OFF

       B. ON

       C. Can’t be predicted

Ans : OFF

Q.9 Which of the following option is not provided by using file storage?

       A. Browse content

       B. Upload/Delete files

       C. Saving Recordings

       D. Create new buckets

Ans : Saving Recordings

Q.10 OCR has to be added manually.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.11 ____________ is a web application to see overall status of process and components.

       A. s3 File storage

       B. OCR

       C. Platform monitor

       D. Control tower

Ans : Platform monitor

Q.12 ____________ Contains all the recordings of projects.

       A. Actions library

       B. Recording toolbar

       C. Actions flow

       D. Media files

Ans : Media files

Q.13 Web group contains which of the following elements?

       A. Open website

       B. Open website

       C. Open website and web element

       D. Web element

Ans : Open website and web element

Q.14 Web element uses _________ to search it’s elements.

       A. path

       B. OCR

       C. Xpath

       D. Inspector

Ans : Xpath

Q.15 What are the properties of wait method.

       A. Wait upto

       B. Image to find and wait upto

       C. Image to find

       D. Image to find, Wait upto and break

Ans : Image to find and wait upto

Q.16 ____________ is a built-in tool for WorkFusion studio to identify the properties and values of objects depending on location.

       A. OCR

       B. Data stores

       C. Inspector

       D. RPA Recorder

Ans : Inspector

Q.17 Which of the following is not a mouse action?

       A. Mouse Move

       B. Mouse Click

       C. Mouse scroll

       D. Mouse Double-click

Ans : Mouse Double-click

Q.18 What are the loops available ion RPA Express?

       A. Retry

       B. While and Retry

       C. While, Repeat and Retry

       D. While

Ans : While, Repeat and Retry

Q.19 If you search for non existing control __________ exception is thrown.

       A. Element not found

       B. Element doesn’t exists

       C. Attribute not found

       D. Attribute doesn’t exist

Ans : Element not found

Q.20 Which of the following is a parameter of switch to window?

       A. window and Delay before action

       B. Window

       C. Delay before action

       D. Open window

Ans : Window

Q.21 What makes workfusion different from competitors.

       A. Automation

       B. Artificial intelligence

       C. Human-in-the-loop

       D. None of the options

Ans : Artificial intelligence

Q.22 ____________ is used to repeat the business process on a timely basis.

       A. Task manager

       B. Scheduling

       C. Control tower

       D. Bot manager

Ans : Scheduling

Q.23 Which of the following is not a feature of SPA?

       A. Control tower

       B. Message store

       C. Studio and Recorder

       D. Platform monitor

Ans : Message store

Q.24 _____________ is used to create manual tasks.

       A. Rpa recorder

       B. OCR

       C. Control tower

       D. None of the options

Ans : Control tower

Q.25 Which of the following feature is a part of the application?

       A. Start window

       B. Get window

       C. Launch application

       D. Close application

Ans : Launch application

Q.26 ____________ is a collection of items to be added in the actions flow.

       A. Actions library

       B. Action Items

       C. Actions properties

       D. All of the options

Ans : Actions library

Q.27 In control tower which of the following component is not present?

       A. Business process

       B. Data sources

       C. Account information

       D. Schedules

Ans : Data sources

Q.28 If ____________ is enabled , the bot switches to new application window.

       A. Detect window

       B. New window

       C. Check window

       D. Autodetect window

Ans : Autodetect window

Q.29 ____________ Contains the commands to perform debugging.

       A. Process

       B. Bot manager

       C. Common board

       D. Environment status

Ans : Common board

Q.30 Shortcut to start the inspector.

       A. Ctrl+J

       B. Ctrl+Shift+k

       C. Ctrl+Shift+I

       D. Ctrl+A

Ans : Ctrl+Shift+I

Q.31 OCR helps in converting ____________.

       A. It won’t involve in conversion

       B. Text to image

       C. Image to text

Ans : Image to text

Q.32 Error handling contains how many blocks?

       A. Three

       B. Two

       C. Four

       D. One

Ans : Two

Q.33 Which among the following provides full enterprise automation?

       A. blunt insights

       B. Seamless governance

       C. Smarter Automation

       D. Seamless automation and smarter automation

Ans : Seamless automation and smarter automation

Q.34 Task are categorized into ________ types.

       A. Four

       B. Two

       C. Five

       D. Three

Ans : Two

Q.35 An active window is needed for excel.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.36 AI helps in segregating unstructured data.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.37 Excel should be added manually from actions library.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.38 _____________ is a web interface to manage DB tables in workfusion.

       A. Control tower

       B. Manual tasks

       C. Data stores

       D. Business Process

Ans : Data stores

Q.39 _____________ helps in backing up all your data.

       A. Account information

       B. Data stores

       C. Business process

       D. All of the options

Ans : Account information

Q.40 Bot sources are managed by using __________________.

       A. Message store

       B. Platform monitor

       C. Control tower

       D. Studio and Recorder

Ans : Control tower

Q.41 Task performed by software robot is called as ____________.

       A. Automated tasks

       B. Machine automated tasks

       C. Robot tasks

       D. Bot tasks

Ans : Bot tasks

Q.42 The current state of the license can be checked under ___________.

       A. Secret vaults

       B. Scheduling

       C. Account information

       D. Data stores

Ans : Account information

Q.43 Which of the following statuses are available under the business process?

       A. Running

       B. Draft

       C. Draft and Running

       D. Draft, running and Errors

Ans : Draft, running and Errors

Q.44 _____________ is used to check the workflow execution depending on conditions.

       A. If

       B. If else

       C. Nested If

       D. All of the options

Ans : All of the options

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