LeBron James Only required 36 points to break NBA’s all-time scoring record

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Everybody wanted to watch the history of Lebron James breaking the record. Fans were excited to watch him

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Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Oklahoma City, Behind the hoops ticket are for 69,162 $ each

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Seats Nine rows back sold for 42,845$. 12,000$ to 75,000$ charge for courtside seats

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At 300 Level Cheapest tickets sold for 460$. All the seats were packed and all fans cheered for LeBron James

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211% Hike happened in ticket price since LeBron James approached to breaking the records

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James started his season with 37,062 points, 1325 points below Kareen Abdul Jabbar record

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People compared LeBron James and Abdul-Jabber's career when he approaches breaking the record

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After LeBron James closest player is 39 year old Carmelo Anthony with all time scoring list of 28,289 points

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Kevin Durant who is four year younger than LeBron James is third player after james with 26,684 points

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