On Wednesday, Kyrie Irving played his first Dallas Debut match in Mavericks against LA Clippers

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Kyrie Boosted Mavericks to the score of 110-104 win over clippers. Luka Doncic missed his third consecutive game due to heel injury

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Kyrie Irving & Norman Powell scored 24 points, Paul George scored 20 & Kawhi Leonard 18.

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The Mavericks has started the game by hitting 9-13 shots in the first quarter. In first 12 mins. they scored 41 points.

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In the halftime Mavericks had eight point lead. Clippers kept trying to break Mavericks lead in the second half.

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Reggie Bullock, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Theo Pinson all three hit key shots to maintain the team Mavericks lead.

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In the third quarter LA Clipper came closer to Mavericks score. To maintain the lead Mavericks kept hitting the shots.

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Dallas wins the game with six point lead. It felt good to see Irving on his Dallas Debut with a win.

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After the game Irving said "It was a great game, its a first time I got traded in the season mid. I am excited that I am here"

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