SMTP Interview/Exam Question-Answer Part 2

Q.1 Which TCP port typically used by SMTP?

       A. 15

       B. 25

       C. 50

       D. 35

Ans : 25

Q.2 SMTP defines _______.

       A. message content

       B. message encryption

       A. message transport

       B. message password

Ans : message transport

Q.3 Internet mail places each object in _________.

       A. Separate messages for each object

       B. One message

       A. Multiple messages for each object

       B. Varies with number of objects

Ans : One message

Q.4 Which does not comes under SMTP session?

       A. zero SMTP transaction

       B. more than one SMTP transaction

       C. one HTTP transaction

       D. one SMTP transaction

Ans : one HTTP transaction

Q.5 SMTP is not used to deliver messages to ______

       A. user’s terminal

       B. user’s email client

       C. user’s mailbox

       D. user’s word processor

Ans : user’s word processor

Q.6 Which one of the following is an SMTP server configured in such a way that anyone on the internet can send e-mail through it?

       A. short mail reception

       B. open mail relay

       A. open mail reception

       B. wide mail reception

Ans : open mail relay

Q.7 Which of the following is an example of user agents for e-mail?

       A. Google/p>

       B. Facebook

       C. Microsoft Outlook

       D. Tumblr

Ans : Microsoft Outlook

Q.8 When the sender and the receiver of an email are on different systems, we need only _________.

       A. Two UAs and one MTA

       B. One MTA

       C. Two UAs and two MTAs

       D. Two UAs

Ans : Two UAs and two MTAs

Q.9 User agent does not support this ___________.

       A. Reading messages

       B. Replying messages

       C. Routing messages

       D. Composing messages

Ans : Routing messages

Q.10 A session may include ________.

       A. Exactly one SMTP transactions

       B. Zero or more SMTP transactions

       C. Always more than one SMTP transactions

       D. Number of SMTP transactions cant be determined

Ans : Zero or more SMTP transactions

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