SMTP Interview/Exam Question-Answer Part 1

Q.1 If you have to send multimedia data over SMTP it has to be encoded into _______.

       A. Binary

       B. Signal

       C. ASCII

       D. Hash

Ans : Signal

Q.2 SMTP connections secured by SSL are known as _____________.

       A. SMTPS

       B. STARTTLS

       A. SSMTP

       B. SNMP


Q.3 When the mail server sends mail to other mail servers it becomes ____________.

       A. SMTP server

       B. SMTP client

       A. Peer

       B. Master

Ans : SMTP client

Q.4 Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) utilizes _________ as the transport layer protocol for electronic mail transfer.

       A. UDP

       B. DCCP

       C. TCP

       D. SCTP

Ans : TCP

Q.5 In SMTP, the command to write receiver’s mail address is written with the command _______.

       A. SEND TO

       B. RCPT TO

       C. MAIL TO

       D. RCVR TO


Q.6 Which one of the following protocol is used to receive mail messages?

       A. FTP

       B. SMTP

       A. Post Office Protocol (POP)

       B. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

Ans : FTP

Q.7 SMTP is stands for ________.

       A. Sample Mail Transmission Protocol

       B. Simple Message Transfer Protocol

       C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

       D. Simple Message Transmission Protocol

Ans : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Q.8 SMTP uses which of the following TCP port?

       A. 21

       B. 25

       C. 22

       D. 23

Ans : 25

Q.9 Choose the statement which is wrong incase of SMTP?

       A. It is a pull protocol

       B. It transfers files from one mail server to another mail server

       C. Message should be in 7 bit ASCII format

       D. SMTP is responsible for the transmission of the mail through the internet

Ans : It is a pull protocol

Q.10 An email client needs to know the _________ of its initial SMTP server.

       A. MAC address

       B. URL

       C. IP address

       D. Name

Ans : IP address

Q.11 The underlying Transport layer protocol used by SMTP is ________.

       A. IMAP

       B. UDP

       C. TCP

       D. Either TCP or UDP

Ans : TCP

Q.12 What is on-demand mail relay (ODMR)?

       A. protocol for web pages

       B. an SMTP extension

       A. protocol for faster mail transfer

       B. protocol for SMTP security

Ans : an SMTP extension

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