SMI Interview/Exam Question-Answer

Q.1 Which of the following is not a storage device?

       A. RAID Arrays

       B. Switch

       C. Hub

       D. Tape drives

Ans : Hub

Q.2 Storage management comprises of _______________

       A. Data protection

       B. SAN Management

       C. Disk operation

       D. All of the above

Ans : All of the above

Q.3 Identify the difficulty a SAN administrator does not incur while dealing with diverse vendors.

       A. Multiple applications to manage storage in the data center

       B. No single view

       A. Proprietary management interfaces

       B. Single view

Ans : Single view

Q.4 Which protocols are used for Storage management?

       A. LDAP

       B. POP3

       C. SNMP

       D. MIB

Ans : SNMP

Q.5 Effective Storage management does not include __________.

       A. connection

       B. backups

       C. security

       D. reporting

Ans : connection

Q.6 How Storage devices access security ensure by Storage administrators?

       A. By keeping devices shutdown when not in use

       B. By keeping devices when used

       C. By using Zoning

       D. By putting a physical lock on the storage device

Ans : By using Zoning

Q.7 Effect of open standards like SMI(s) is _______________.

       A. standardization drives software interoperability and interchange ability

       B. builds a strong foundation on which others can quickly build and innovate

       C. breaks the old-style dependence on proprietary methods, trade secrets, and single providers

       D. All of the above

Ans : All of the above

Q.8 Among the following, identify which task is not involved in Storage Capacity management?

       A. Identifying storage systems are approaching full capacity

       B. Monitoring trends for each resource

       C. Tracking Total capacity, total used, total available

       D. Preventing unauthorized access to the storage

Ans : Preventing unauthorized access to the storage

Q.9 SMI-S Standard uses which of the following?

       A. Java RMI

       B. CORBA

       C. CIM-XML/HTTP

       C. .NET


Q.10 Task of Distributed Management Task Force is not ________.

       A. to act as an interface between the various budding technologies and provide solution to manage various environments

       B. to promote interoperability among the management solution providers

       C. to track the operation of the different management solution providers

       D. to manage the facility by itself if one of the management solution providers fail

Ans : to manage the facility by itself if one of the management solution providers fail

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