SAP S4HANA : Fiori overview Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 SAP Fiori apps can be classified based on _____.

1. Line of Business

2. Industry

3. Roles

       A. 1,2

       B. 2,3

       C. 1,2,3

Ans : 1,2,3

Q.2 The ________ gives access to frequently used apps and recent activities.

       A. Me Area

       B. Workspace area

       C. Notification area

Ans : Me Area

Q.3 ___________ protocol is used for SAP Fiori factsheet search.

       A. OData

       B. InA

       C. RFC

Ans : InA

Q.4 OData Stands for _________.

       A. Open Data

       B. Out Data

       C. Outer Data

Ans : Open Data

Q.5 State True or False: OpenUI5 comes under the Apache 2.0 license.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.6 List of all available fiori apps can be explored via _________.

       A. SAP Fiori apps library

       B. SAP Fiori apps list

       C. SAP Fiori apps engine

Ans : SAP Fiori apps library

Q.7 Business processes are represented as _______ in Fiori launchpad.

       A. Joints

       B. Tiles

       C. Groups

Ans : Tiles

Q.8 ________ deployment option is recommended for the SAP front-end server in a productive system landscape.

       A. SAP Cloud platform

       B. Embedded deployment

       C. Hub deployement

       D. Standalone

Ans : Hub deployement

Q.9 IDE stands for ______

       A. Integrated Design Environment

       B. Integrated Development Envirnoment

       C. Internal Development Environment

Ans : Integrated Development Envirnoment

Q.10 The _________ allows user to navigate between apps.

       A. Workspace area

       B. Me Area

       C. Notification area

Ans : Workspace area

Q.11 Some of the activities in SAP Fiori Administration are_________.

1. Troubleshooting

2. Launchpad configuration

3.SAP Web dispatcher configuration

       A. 1,2,3

       B. 2,3

       C. 1,2

Ans : 1,2,3

Q.12 State True or False: UX and UI mean one and the same.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.13 State True or False: SAP Fiori is the new user experience for SAP Software.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.14 SAP Fiori apps are built using ________.

       A. Python

       B. C++

       C. SAPUI5

Ans : SAPUI5

Q.15 __________ is a enterprise enhancement to the mobile browser when SAP Fiori applications are running.

       A. Apache Cordova Framework

       B. Netweaver Framework

       C. HANA Framework

Ans : Netweaver Framework

Q.16 Design Principles in SAP fiori includes

1. Simple 2. Coherent 3. Adaptive 4. Role-based 5. Responsive

       A. 2,3,4,5

       B. 1,2,3,4

       C. 2,4,5

       D. 1,2,3

Ans : 1,2,3,4

Q.17 Traditional implemetation approach is ____________

       A. Assemble to Order

       B. Designed to Order

       C. Plan to Order

Ans : Designed to Order

Q.18 The different options available to deploy SAP Fiori are _______.

1. Embedded deployment
2. Hub deployement B
3. SAP Cloud platform
4. Standalone

       A. 2,4

       B. 1,2,4

       C. 1,2,3

       D. 1,2,3,4

Ans : 1,2,3

Q.19 _____________ tool to modify the back end data for analytical app

       A. SAP HANA Studio

       B. ABAP Navigator

       C. SAPUI5

Ans : SAP HANA Studio

Q.20 View types offered by SAPUI5 are _________.

1. JSON Views
2. JavaScript Views
3. XML Views
4. None of the options

       A. 1,2,3

       B. 1,2

       C. 4

       D. 2,3

Ans : 1,2,3

Q.21 SAP Web dispatcher in SAP fiori launchpad is used for _________

       A. To deal with CORS issues

       B. To deal with fiori Apps

       C. To deal with Fiori users

Ans : To deal with Fiori users

Q.22 __________ is the single entry point to all fiori apps in mobile and desktop devices.

       A. SAP GUI

       B. SAP Fiori Launchpad

       C. SAP Easy access

Ans : SAP Fiori Launchpad

Q.23 __________ is a javascript based toolkit to build desktop and mobile SAP fiori applications that run on browser.

       A. SAPUI5

       B. SAP netweaver

       C. Microsoft dotnet

Ans : SAPUI5

Q.24 Tool to generate SAP Fiori extension Project ______

       A. Eclipse

       B. SAPUI5

       C. SAP HANA Studio

Ans : Eclipse

Q.25 SAPUI5 stands for ________.

       A. SAP user interface for SQL5

       B. SAP user interface for XML5

       C. SAP user interface for HTML5

Ans : SAP user interface for HTML5

Q.26 Three dimensions in SAP Fiori are

       A. Technology

       B. Concept

       C. Design

       D. All of the options

Ans : All of the options

Q.27 The three types of fiori apps are _________.

       A. Factsheet Apps

       B. Analytical Apps

       C. Transcational Apps

       D. All of the options

Ans : All of the options

Q.28 UI stands for ________.

       A. User Immediate design

       B. User Interface design

       C. User Intermediate design

Ans : User Interface design

Q.29 MVC stands for ________

       A. Module View controller

       B. Merged View Controller

       C. Model View Controller

Ans : Model View Controller

Q.30 The ________ gives access to user information and tasks

       A. Workspace area

       B. Notification area

       C. Me Area

Ans : Notification area

Q.31 SAP Fiori 1-1-3 rule means _______.

       A. 1 User, 1 Scenario, 3 Screens

       B. 1 Screen, 1 Scenario, 3 Users

       C. 1 Scenario, 1 Screen, 3 Users

Ans : 1 User, 1 Scenario, 3 Screens

Q.32 The components of front end and back end for fiori differes based on the Fiori App type.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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