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SAP S/4HANA Project Management Interview Question-Answer

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Q.1 The number of Common Phases of SAP Activate Methodology is __________.

       A. 2

       B. 3

       C. 4

       D. 5

Ans : 5

Q.2 BAU stands for___________.

       A. Business And Usual

       B. Business At Usual

       C. Business As Usual

Ans : Business As Usual

Q.3 The number of steps in the testing activity for SAP Implementation is ________.

       A. 1

       B. 2

       C. 3

Ans : 3

Q.4 The 4 phases of Agile Project Management methodology are __________.

       A. Define, Develop, Release, Evaluate

       B. Define, Develop, Evaluate, Release

       C. Define, Evaluate, Release, Develop

       D. Evaluate, Define, Release, Develop

Ans : Define, Develop, Release, Evaluate

Q.5 ASAP Methodology stands for________

       A. As Short As Possible

       B. Accelerated SAP

       C. As Soon As Possible

Ans : Accelerated SAP

Q.6 Which team has the Super User access during SAP Implementation?

       A. Training team

       B. Core Enablement team

       C. Data Migration team

       D. Solution Workshop team

Ans : Core Enablement team

Q.7 Which of the following is a/are Project Management methodology type(s)?

       A. Agile methodology

       B. Waterfall methodology

       C. Both the options

       D. None of the options

Ans : Both the options

Q.8 Greenfield project is a type of SAP Implementation Project.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.9 In Agile Project Management methodology, continuous collaboration is the key both among team members and with project stakeholders.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.10 SAP Activate is the successor of ASAP.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.11 The solution workshop is also known as the Fit-to-Standard workshop.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.12 Application Maintenance Services can be termed as Production Support.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.13 The project is a series of tasks that need to be completed to reach a business objective.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.14 Incident means an unplanned interruption of a business process.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.15 The number of steps for a typical end-to-end SAP Implementation project is __________.

       A. 12

       B. 13

       C. 14

       D. 15

Ans : 15



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