SAP S/4HANA : ‘Plan to Maintain’ Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 EAM Stands for _______.

       A. Enterprise Analytics Management

       B. Enterprise Acquisition Management

       C. Enterprise Asset Management

       D. Enterprise Assurance Management

Ans : Enterprise Asset Management

Q.2 Maintenance activities which are repeatedly performed for the equipment or a machinery are drafted as _____________.

       A. Maintenance Task List

       B. Maintenance Notification

       C. Predictive Maintenance

       D. Maintenance Strategy

Ans : Maintenance Notification

Q.3 ___________ are used to record condition of a technical object at a particular point of time.

       A. a. Measuring Point

       B. b. Counters

       C. c. Both (a) & (b)

       D. None of the options

Ans : c. Both (a) & (b)

Q.4 _________ process is the process of repairing a spare part and returning it back to stores.

       A. Rectification

       B. Calibration

       C. Refurbishment

Ans : Refurbishment

Q.5 A ________ define the rules for the sequence of planned maintenance.

       A. Maintenance Strategy

       B. Maintenance Notification

       C. Maintenance Tasklist

       D. Predictive Maintenance

Ans : Maintenance Strategy

Q.6 Equipment master is linked to _________ in finance component of SAP S/4HANA for asset accounting purpose.

       A. Material Master

       B. G/L Master

       C. Asset Master

Ans : Asset Master

Q.7 _____________is planned maintenance regularly performed on equipment to prevent failure.

       A. Predictive Maintenance

       B. Corrective Maintenance

       C. Preventive Maintenance

Ans : Preventive Maintenance

Q.8 Key activities performed during ‘Plan to Maintainance’ are
1) Inspect
2) Discover
3) Repair
4) Maintain

       A. 1,3,4

       B. 1,2,3

       C. 1,2,3,4

       D. 1,2,4

Ans : 1,3,4

Q.9 _________ is process of comparing known measurement value (standard ) with the measurement of Instrument under test.

       A. Refurbishment

       B. Rectification

       C. Calibration

Ans : Calibration

Q.10 _________is a suite of solutions that brings collaborative asset intelligence to equipment maintenance and operations with the help of IoT
(Internet of Things).

       A. SAP Predictive Maintenance and services

       B. Maintenance Analytics

       C. SAP AIN


Q.11 Breakdown maintenance refers to_________activities carried out after a breakdown or shutdown.

       A. Preventive

       B. Repair

       C. Planning

       D. maintaining

Ans : Repair

Q.12 SAP AIN stands for _________.

       A. SAP Asset Intelligence Network

       B. SAP Analytics Intelligence Network

       C. SAP Assurance Network

Ans : SAP Asset Intelligence Network

Q.13 In plant maintenance Bill of Material is used for the_________.

       A. Maintenance activity

       B. Maintenance Planning

       C. Maintenance strategy

Ans : Maintenance activity

Q.14 There are _____ types of maintenance notification.

       A. Two

       B. Three

       C. One

       D. Four

Ans : Three

Q.15 ____________ business process refers to planning, scheduling, executing the activities related to maintenance of equipment’s and machines in the organization.

       A. Hire to Retire

       B. Procure to Pay

       C. Order to Cash

       D. Plan to Maintain

Ans : Plan to Maintain

Q.16 State True or False: Equipment master once created cannot be deactivated.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.17 A _______ is used to plan scheduled maintenance activities and required resources.

       A. List

       B. Project

       C. Order

Ans : Project

Q.18 The unit of capacity in plant maintenance which is assigned to maintenance plant as workshop is called ________.

       A. Cost center

       B. work center

       C. Shopfloor

Ans : work center

Q.19 In plant maintenance characterstics describes the ________ for any equipment’s.

       A. Defects

       B. Task list

       C. Specification

Ans : Specification

Q.20 A ______ is an operating area or a branch within a company where machines and equipment area stored or kept.

       A. Storage Location

       B. Warehouse

       C. Plant

Ans : Plant

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