SAP S/4HANA: ‘Order to Cash’ Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 Sales area is the combination of:

1. Sales Organization
2.Distribution Channel
4.Storage Location

       A. 1,2

       B. 1,2,3

       C. 1,3,4

       D. 3,4

Ans : 1,2,3

Q.2 Amount of time for loading goods into the transportation unit is______________.

       A. Pick/Pack Time

       B. Transit Time

       C. Loading Time

       D. Transportation Lead Time

Ans : Loading Time

Q.3 Which process involves set of activities from customer inquiry, quotation, order delivery to billing and subsequent collection of receivables?

       A. Forecast to stock

       B. Procure to Pay cycle (PTP)

       C. Plan to retire

       D. Order to cash (OTC)

Ans : Order to cash (OTC)

Q.4 Shipping point determined automatically can be overwritten.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.5 Master data is created once and is changed frequently.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.6 State True or False: First activity of any SD process can be either an inquiry or request for a quotation.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.7 _______________is the smallest organizational unit of financial accounting.

       A. Plant

       B. Company code

       C. Sales Office

       D. Sales domain

       E. Distribution Channel

Ans : Company code

Q.8 ________________determines if a product can be delivered on the requested date.

       A. Shipping point

       B. Plant

       C. Transportation Scheduling

       D. Route

Ans : Transportation Scheduling

Q.9 _____ is the first step in ‘Order to Cash’ business process cycle.

       A. Delivery

       B. Order Entry

       C. Sales Analytics

       D. Sales processing

Ans : Order Entry

Q.10 Key concepts of order to cash includes:

       A. Plant determination

       B. Route determination

       C. Collective Processing

       D. Shipping point determination

       E. All of the above

Ans : All of the above

Q.11 Sold-to-party is:

       A. Who receives the invoice

       B. Who pays the invoice

       C. Who places order

       D. Who receives the product

Ans : Who places order

Q.12 ______________includes material, quantity, delivery dates, stock information.

       A. Header level

       B. Item level

       C. Both A&B

       D. None of the above

Ans : Item level

Q.13 By default system proposes _______ Scheduling for a sales order item

       A. Forward

       B. Backward

       C. Uni-directional

       D. Bi-directional

Ans : Uni-directional

Q.14 Availabilty check information is maintained in ______ Master data

       A. Business

       B. Condition

       C. Material

       D. Output

Ans : Business

Q.15 _________________is the medium which is used to send goods and services to the customer.

       A. Division

       B. Sales Organization

       C. Distribution Channel

       D. Company Code

Ans : Distribution Channel

Q.16 Process where the goods are physically moved is:

       A. Sales order

       B. Billing

       C. Accounting

       D. Outbound delivery

Ans : Outbound delivery

Q.17 Ship-to-party is:

       A. Who pays the invoice

       B. Who places order

       C. Who receives the product

       D. Who receives the invoice

Ans : Who receives the product

Q.18 ________ is a place where material stock is stored.

       A. Plant

       B. Distribution Channel

       C. Sales Office

       D. Division

Ans : Plant

Q.19 Legal entity in SAP S/4HANA is represneted by ____________

       A. Company code

       B. Client

       C. Controlling area

       D. Company

Ans : Company code

Q.20 State True or False: Storage location helps to identify where material is stocked.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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