SAP ABAP Function Modules Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 Function groups depicts _____________.

       A. encapsulation

       B. inheritance

       C. abstraction

       D. All of these

Ans : encapsulation

Q.2 Types of function module.

       A. Update Module

       B. Remote Enabled Function

       C. Normal Function

       D. All of these

Ans : All of these

Q.3 We need not write the same code again and again in all the programs using___________.

       A. Modularization technique

       B. Copy paste technique

       C. Polymorphism technique

       D. None of these

Ans : Modularization technique

Q.4 What is the need of modularization?

       A. Easy to maintain the code

       B. To improve the structure of the program

       C. Easy to read and understand the code

       D. All of these

Ans : All of these

Q.5 A ___________ is a set of procedures defined in the Function Groups.

       A. Function Builder

       B. Function Modules

       C. Screen Painter

       D. data dictionary

Ans : Function Modules

Q.6 All of the function modules in a function group can access the _____________ of the group.

       A. local data

       B. global data

       C. both local and global data

       D. None of these

Ans : global data

Q.7 Using function modules helps us in __________.

       A. easy transfer of code

       B. code reusability

       C. comlexing the structure

       D. All of these

Ans : code reusability

Q.8 State true or false: A function group contains logically related Function Modules.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.9 State True or False, A Function Group cannot be executed

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.10 State true or false, Unlike Include Programs, Function Modules can be executed independently.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.11 Function modules are type _____ programs.

       A. F

       B. X

       C. M

       D. E

Ans : F

Q.12 _____________ helps to pass internal tables between the actual and formal parameters.

       A. Importing option

       B. Tables option

       C. Exporting option

       D. Changing option

Ans : Exporting option

Q.13 Modularization techniques are

       A. Includes

       B. Subroutines

       C. Function Modules

       D. All of these

Ans : All of these

Q.14 A ________ is a container of function modules

       A. Function Group

       B. Package

       C. ABAP Easy Access screen

       D. Program

Ans : Function Group

Q.15 BAPI stands for

       A. Business Applied Programming Interface

       B. Business Applied Programming Integration

       C. Business Appilcation Programming Integration

       D. Business Application Programming Interface

Ans : Business Application Programming Interface

Q.16 Function Module which can be used by any ABAP program in the same system to process data.

       A. Normal Function

       B. Update Module

       C. Remote Enabled Function

       D. None of these

Ans : Normal Function

Q.17 State True or False, When a function module is called, the system loads the whole of its function group into the internal session of the calling.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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