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RPA with Pega Interview Question-Answer

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Q.1 Adapters help the users to interact with _______ application(s).

       A. Random

       B. Any

       C. Target

Ans : Target

Q.2 Which among the following is a/are Pega differentiator(s)?

       A. Flexibility

       B. Integrity

       C. RDA

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.3 Which of the following is a property of the web adapter?

       A. Start on project start

       B. Start Page

       C. Ignore Main Browser

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.4 ______ help(s) in providing an unique desktop experience to the user.

       A. RDA

       B. RPA

       C. RDA and RPA

       D. None of the options

Ans : RDA

Q.5 UWA supports how many browser types?

       A. 3

       B. 1

       C. 2

       D. 4

Ans : 2

Q.6 _________ is used for querying the data in the table.

       A. Search cells

       B. Query cells

       C. Match cells

       D. Data cells

Ans : Data cells

Q.7 Automation helps to achieve errorless outputs.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.8 Libraries are helpful to extend the functionality.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.9 To start web interrogation, global web page function should always be kept as default.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.10 In UWA, _______ leaves the open tabs when interrogation is stopped.

       A. Leave Running

       B. Stop Running

       C. Pause Running

Ans : Leave Running

Q.11 _________ does not have a counter mechanism.

       A. List Loop

       B. For Loop

       C. None of the options

Ans : List Loop

Q.12 _____ character is used to allow dynamic data in the design block.

       A. @

       B. $

       C. *

       D. &

Ans : @

Q.13 _______ is used to run the saved tests.

       A. Test tab

       B. Check tab

       C. Test cases tab

Ans : Test cases tab

Q.14 _______ helps in creating dependencies between the projects in the build.

       A. Solution to solution reference

       B. Project to project reference

       C. Project to solution reference

Ans : Project to project reference

Q.15 How many input parameters are present for a for loop?

       A. 2

       B. 3

       C. 4

       D. 5

Ans : 2

Q.16 By using project to project reference, changes are updated in all the referenced application projects.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.17 In message manifest, all the messages are stored in the central repository.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.18 __________ does not have any parent case.

       A. Child-level

       B. Top-level

Ans : Top-level

Q.19 An activity can start in one framework project and end in another framework project.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.20 Log file cleaner helps in removing personal data.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.21 In Pega, a solution may contain multiple projects.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.22 _________ is/are the method(s) for activities.

       A. Cancel and start activities

       B. Start Activity

       C. Cancel Activity

       D. None of the options

Ans : Cancel and start activities

Q.23 ________ number of elements are present in the message manifest.

       A. 1

       B. 2

       C. 3

       D. 4

Ans : 4

Q.24 You can start debugging by using the _________ key.

       A. F8

       B. F5

       C. F5

       D. F3

Ans : F5

Q.25 The start method contains ______ methods.

       A. 2

       B. 3

       C. 4

       D. 5

Ans : 3

Q.26 Renaming the interrogated control can be done in _______ tool window.

       A. Properties

       B. Solution Explorer

       C. Tool box

       D. Object Explorer

Ans : Solution Explorer

Q.27 Which of the following is a/are log file(s)?

       A. Runtimelog.txt

       B. OSCLog.txt

       C. StudioLog.txt

       D. All the options

Ans : Runtimelog.txt

Q.28 If case of an issue during the automation runtime, _________ is the log to check.

       A. Time.txt

       B. Runtimelog.txt

       C. Logtime.txt

       D. Log.txt

Ans : Runtimelog.txt

Q.29 For loop uses ______ as a counter to iterate through the logic.

       A. Absolute index

       B. Index

       C. Key

       D. Range

Ans : Range

Q.30 ___________ is defined as an attribute of interrogated control.

       A. Property

       B. Method

       C. Control

       D. None of the options

Ans : Property

Q.31 The dependency between the parent and child steps can be created using _____.

       A. Stop step

       B. Wait step

       C. Pause step

       D. None of the options

Ans : Wait step

Q.32 To create a window based application, which adapter should be chosen?

       A. Windows application adapter

       B. Windows Application

       C. Window Adapter

       D. Windows Adapter

       E. Window Application

Ans : Windows Adapter

Q.33 __________ components help in connecting one part of automation to another.

       A. Label/Jump to

       B. Label/Catch to

       C. Label/Connect to

Ans : Label/Jump to

Q.34 _________ is used for specifying unique data elements.

       A. Key

       B. All the options

       C. Absolute index

       D. Index

Ans : Absolute index

Q.35 Data can be modified in all child cases.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.36 While editing automation, you can open the playback file.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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