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RabbitMQ Interview Question-Answer

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Q.1 Which of the following is the component that routes messages to queues?

       A. Channel

       B. Binding

       C. Exchange

       D. Connection

Ans : Exchange

Q.2 RabbitMQ server is written using?

       A. C#

       B. Erlang

       C. Java

       D. JavaScript

Ans : Erlang

Q.3 Which of the following exchange is pre-declared if no exchange is declared?

       A. Direct Exchange

       B. Topic Exchange

       C. Default Exchange

       D. Header Exchange

Ans : Default Exchange

Q.4 Which of the following is the client library for Node.js to integrate with RabbitMQ?

       A. Ampqlib

       B. Bunny

       C. Pika

       D. Objective-C

Ans : Ampqlib

Q.5 RabbitMQ server is an open source implementation of?

       A. AMQP protocol

       B. DDS protocol

       C. MQTT protocol

       D. CoAP protocol

Ans : AMQP protocol

Q.6 Using ConnectionFactory Connection is created using built in method

       A. createConnection()

       B. newConnection()

       C. Connection()

       D. buildConnection()

Ans : newConnection()

Q.7 Which of the following exchange routes messages to queues by ignoring the routing key?

       A. Topic Exchange

       B. Fanout Exchange

       C. HeaderExchange

       D. Direct Exchange

Ans : Fanout Exchange

Q.8 Which of the following is the buffer that stores messages sent by the producer?

       A. Channel

       B. Connection

       C. Queue

       D. Exchange

Ans : Queue

Q.9 Which of the following is the virtual connection inside a connection?

       A. Queue

       B. Exchange

       C. Binding

       D. Channel

Ans : Channel

Q.10 What is the default port of the RabbitMQ management interface?

       A. 15762

       B. 8000

       C. 15672

       D. 8090

Ans : 15672

Q.11 Which of the following built-in channel method declares a queue?

       A. queueDeclare()

       B. createQueue()

       C. newQueue()

       D. declareQueue()

Ans : queueDeclare()

Q.12 Using Connection channel can be created using builtin method

       A. createChannel()

       B. newChannel()

       C. Channel()

       D. buildChannel()

Ans : createChannel()

Q.13 Queues that are deleted after performing a task are called?

       A. Exclusive Queues

       B. WorkQueues

       C. Auto Delete Queues

       D. TemporaryQueues

Ans : TemporaryQueues

Q.14 Which property of a channel is used to display acknowledge details?

       A. ack

       B. Prefetch

       C. unacked

       D. confirm

Ans : ack

Q.15 Which of the following parameter is provided to the nextDelivery() method and specifies the time to wait for the next delivery message?

       A. Timeout

       B. Break

       C. Wait

       D. Sleep

Ans : Timeout

Q.16 Using Channel message can be consumed using builtin method

       A. recieveMessage()

       B. newConsume()

       C. basicConsume()

       D. Consume()

Ans : basicConsume()

Q.17 Using Channel message can be published using builtin method

       A. sendMessage()

       B. basicPublish()

       C. newPublish()

       D. publish()

Ans : basicPublish()

Q.18 Pika is the RabbitMQ client library for?

       A. Java

       B. Python

       C. Node.js

       D. Spring

Ans : Python

Q.19 Which of the following tag allows a user to access only the management plugin?

       A. Policymaker

       B. Management

       C. Monitoring

       D. Administrator

Ans : Management

Q.20 Expiry time for a queue is set by assigning which property?

       A. TTL

       B. Timeout

       C. Auto expire

       D. Auto delete

Ans : Auto expire

Q.21 Which of the following command creates a user Jim and password root?

       A. rabbitmqctl add_user jim root

       B. rabbitmqctl add_user root jim

       C. rabbitmqctl add jim root

       D. rabbitmqctl user jim root

Ans : rabbitmqctl add_user root jim

Q.22 The default SASL method supported by RabbitMQ is?

       A. AMQPLAIN


       C. PLAIN

       D. EXTERNAL


Q.23 In spring AMPQ, which of the following class enables to publish messages?

       A. RabbitTemplate

       B. RabbitAdmin

       C. AmpqTemplate

       D. AmpqAdmin

Ans : RabbitTemplate

Q.24 Which of the following property assigned to a queue specifies the queue survival time?

       A. Transient

       B. Max-Time

       C. Durable

       D. TTL

Ans : TTL

Q.25 Which of the following is the permission required to create a resource?

       A. Read

       B. Configure

       C. Create

       D. Write

Ans : Create

Q.26 By default, nodes in a cluster are created as DISK nodes.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.27 Using Channel binding can be done using builtin method

       A. binding()

       B. coupling()

       C. bindQueue()

       D. queueBind()

Ans : binding()

Q.28 Which of the following exchange has the routing key as a list of words?

       A. Header Exchange

       B. DirectExchange

       C. Fanout Exchange

       D. Topic Exchange

Ans : Topic Exchange

Q.29 Which of the following command deletes user Jim?

       A. rabbitmqctl.bat delete_user Jim

       B. rabbitmqctl.bat remove Jim

       C. rabbitmqctl.bat delete Jim

       D. rabbitmqctl.bat remove_user Jim

Ans : rabbitmqctl.bat delete Jim

Q.30 Which of the following is the command to delete quiz Vhost?

       A. rabbitmqctl.bat remove_vhost events

       B. rabbitmqctl.bat delete_vhost quiz

       C. rabbitmqctl.bat remove_vhost quiz

       D. rabbitmqctl.bat delete events

Ans : rabbitmqctl.bat delete_vhost quiz

Q.31 In a remote procedure call, what is the unique identifier assigned to every request message?

       A. CorelationId

       B. Binding

       C. Routing key

       D. UniqueId

Ans : CorelationId



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