Nginx Software Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 Choose the best option. Nginx is a ___________.

A) Webserver
B) Reverse proxy
C) Loadbalancer
D) Hub

       A. A, B and C

       B. A, B and D

       C. A and B

       D. All the options

Ans : A, B and C

Q.2 ___________ was introduced in the year 1995.

       A. Apache Tomcat

       B. Nginx

       C. Apache HTTP

       D. IBM WebSphere

Ans : Apache HTTP

Q.3 Nginx supports __________ through round-robin algorithm.

       A. Web resource sharing

       B. Load balancing

       C. DNS

       D. Reverse Proxying

Ans : Load balancing

Q.4 Apache cannot handle 10K connections because it is a _____________ webserver.

       A. Single worker

       B. Traditional

       C. Thread-based

       D. Event-driven

Ans : Thread-based

Q.5 Nginx was introduced in the year _________.

       A. 1997

       B. 1999

       C. 1998

       D. 1996

Ans : 1999

Q.6 Nginx supports __________ through SCGI protocol.

       A. Load balancing

       B. DNS

       C. Web resource sharing

       D. Reverse Proxying

Ans : Reverse Proxying

Q.7 The world’s first web server was developed in _____________.

       A. 1060s

       B. 1090s

       C. 1080s

       D. 1070s

Ans : 1090s

Q.8 IBM WebSphere was introduced in the year __________.

       A. 1996

       B. 1995

       C. 1998

       D. 1999

Ans : 1998

Q.9 Nginx can be started using _____________.

       A. service nginx begin

       B. service nginx start

       C. service nginx -s start

       D. nginx -s start

Ans : service nginx start

Q.10 For smooth shutdown of Nginx, you should use _____________.

       A. nginx -s quit

       B. nginx -s stop

       C. nginx -s shutdown

       D. nginx -s exit

Ans : nginx -s quit

Q.11 Which of the following lines can be used to install Nginx?

       A. yum-get install nginx

       B. apt-get nginx install -g

       C. sudo install nginx -g

       D. apt-get install nginx

Ans : apt-get install nginx

Q.12 It is always recommended to install the ___________ version of Nginx.

       A. development

       B. binary

       C. stable

       D. legacy

Ans : development

Q.13 Each resource has its own _____________.

       A. URI

       B. URA

       C. URC

       D. URL

Ans : URL

Q.14 The event-polling nature of Nginx can be dealt using _____________.

       A. Events

       B. Contexts

       C. Main context

       D. Directives

Ans : Events

Q.15 In nginx.conf, a block of lines defined within a pair of curly braces is called _____________.

       A. Server

       B. Directive

       C. Context

       D. SubContext

Ans : Context

Q.16 worker_connections is a directive contained within ___________.

       A. Location

       B. Events

       C. HTTP

       D. Server

Ans : Events

Q.17 How many default servers can you configure?

       A. One

       B. Any number of

       C. Depends upon the capacity

       D. Depends upon the application

Ans : One

Q.18 Nginx has become popular as it resolves __________.

       A. C10X problem

       B. C10M problem

       C. C10K problem

       D. Event-driven

Ans : C10K problem

Q.19 is an IP address of _____________.

       A. localhost

       B. Nginx

       C. Apache

       D. All web servers

Ans : localhost

Q.20 When you configure Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache, both may listen to the same port.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.21 A server block may contain another server block.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

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