Ionic Framework Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 The following are in-built Ionic templates, except __________.

       A. Navigation

       B. Sidemenu

       C. Tabs

       D. Blanks

Ans : Navigation

Q.2 Which of the following includes device APIs that allow accessing native device features like camera or maps?

       A. AngularJS

       B. Ionic

       C. Cordova

       D. Node.js

Ans : Cordova

Q.3 Which of the following folders contains icons in Ionic?

       A. Images

       B. Fonts

       C. img

       D. Icons

Ans : Fonts

Q.4 Which of the following files contains all the required JS files for Ionic and Angular?

       A. ionic.bundle.min.js

       B. ionic.js

       C. ionic-angular.js

       D. ionic.min.js

Ans : ionic.bundle.min.js

Q.5 Which of the following files has the Ionic styles?

       A. ionic.css

       B. ionic.bundle.css

       C. ionic.bundle.js

       D. ionic.js

Ans : ionic.css

Q.6 Which of the following classes can be used to create a button that occupies the entire width of the screen?

       A. button-block

       B. button-large

       C. button-bar

Ans : button-block

Q.7 Which of the following tags displays a button with rounded corners?

       A. Both the options mentioned

       B. None of the options mentioned

       C. <button ion-button round outline></button>

       D. <button ion-button round></button>

Ans : Both the options mentioned

Q.8 Which of the following classes can be used to create a margin of certain number pixels around the list items?

       A. list-margin

       B. list-inset

       C. list-space

Ans : list-inset

Q.9 Cards can contain ____.

       A. Buttons

       B. Images

       C. Text

       D. All the options mentioned

Ans : All the options mentioned

Q.10 Which of the following classes define(s) the footer?

       A. footer

       B. bar-footer

       C. None of the options

       D. Both the options

Ans : Both the options

Q.11 Which of the following CSS components are best to create a News App that displays a picture and a caption with short description?

       A. Page

       B. Tabs

       C. Grid

       D. Cards

Ans : Cards

Q.12 Adding which of the following classes to the content makes space for the header?

       A. content-header

       B. has-header

       C. padding

       D. header

Ans : has-header

Q.13 Which of the following is a slide-up pane that lets the user choose from a set of options?

       A. Backdrop

       B. Action Sheet

       C. SlideMenu

       D. Form

Ans : Action Sheet

Q.14 What is the ionic directive that can be used for creating a tab bar?

       A. ion-tab

       B. ion-tabs

       C. tabs

       D. ion-tabbar

Ans : ion-tabs

Q.15 Which CSS component is ideal for creating top navigation for a mobile app?

       A. Tabs

       B. Grid

       C. Navigation

       D. Cards

Ans : Tabs

Q.16 Which of the following components is a multi-page container where each page can be swiped or dragged between?

       A. ion-slidebox

       B. ion-slides

       C. ion-slide

       D. ion-sidebar

Ans : ion-slides

Q.17 Which of the following directives can be used to enable the “pull to refresh” functionality?

       A. ion-refresh

       B. ion-refresher

       C. ion-content

       D. ion-fresh

Ans : ion-refresher

Q.18 Which of the following directives can help in using Ionic custom Scroll View, or the built-in overflow scrolling of the browser?

       A. ion-slides

       B. ion-content

       C. None of the options

       D. Either of the options

Ans : ion-content

Q.19 CLI is an extension of _________.

       A. Node.js

       B. npm.js

       C. Angular.js

       D. None of the options

Ans : npm.js

Q.20 What is the command for running an app in iOS emulator?

       A. ionic emulator

       B. ionic emulate

       C. ionic emulate ios

       D. ionic emulator ios

Ans : ionic emulate ios

Q.21 CLI is based on _____.

       A. Cordova

       B. Java

       C. NPM

       D. Ionic

Ans : Cordova

Q.22 Which of the following interaction modes can be enabled by using ionList and ionItem directives?

       A. Remove Items

       B. Drag to Reorder

       C. Swipe to Edit

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.23 Which of the following components uses “CSS Flexible Box Layout”?

       A. Cards

       B. Grid

       C. Navigation

       D. Tabs

Ans : Grid

Q.24 Which of the following is the place to check for community contributed Ionic Components?

       A. Ionic Resources

       B. Ionic Market

       C. Ionic View

       D. ngCordova

Ans : ngCordova

Q.25 In a responsive Grid, which class breaks the row of columns when the window size is smaller than the portrait tablet?

       A. responsive-sm

       B. responsive-lg

       C. responsive-md

Ans : responsive-md

Q.26 Which of the following is a content pane that can go over the user’s main view temporarily?

       A. Action Sheet

       B. Modal

       C. Back Drop

       D. PopUp

Ans : Modal

Q.27 Ionic Grid system is responsive by default.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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