Ethereum – Blockchain 2.0 Interview Question-Answer

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Q.1 The native currency of Ethereum network is _________________.

       A. Mycoin

       B. Ether

       C. Bitcoin

       D. Litecoin

Ans : Ether

Q.2 _________requires lots of Electricity/Energy.

       A. Proof of Stake

       B. Proof of work

       C. Proof of Authority

       D. Blockchain

Ans : Proof of Authority

Q.3 The main advantage of Ethereum over Bitcoin is __________.

       A. Smart contracts

       B. Transaction

       C. Mining

       D. Tokens

Ans : Smart contracts

Q.4 What are Ethereum tokens?

       A. Native currency

       B. Alternate currency

       C. Digital asset

       D. Mining reward

Ans : Digital asset

Q.5 Ethereum tokens are created by using ____________.

       A. Application

       B. Smart contracts

       C. Dapps

       D. Software

Ans : Smart contracts

Q.6 How many rewards (Wei/Ether) does the miner receive for adding a block to the chain?

       A. 5 Ether

       B. 5 Wei

       C. 5*e15 Wei

       D. 5*e9 Wei

Ans : 5 Ether

Q.7 How many lower denominations does the Ether have?

       A. 3

       B. 10

       C. 6

       D. 5

Ans : 6

Q.8 What is the smallest unit of Ether?

       A. Gwei

       B. Wei

       C. Kwei

       D. Mwei

Ans : Wei

Q.9 The time taken for mining one block in Ethereum is ___________.

       A. 14 Seconds

       B. 1 Seconds

       C. 10 Seconds

       D. 10 Minutes

Ans : 14 Seconds

Q.10 EVM stands for ___________.

       A. Ethereum Virtual Machine

       B. Ether Value Mechanism

       C. Ether Value Measure

       D. Ether Virtual Measure

Ans : Ethereum Virtual Machine

Q.11 Based on the storage of keys, wallets are classified into ______.

       A. Custodial and Non-custodial

       B. Hot and Cold

       C. Private and Public

       D. Desktop and Mobile

Ans : Hot and Cold

Q.12 Ethereum Client’s Command Line Interface can be used for ___________.

       A. Create transactions

       B. Run smart contracts

       C. Mining

       D. Join the Ethereum network

       E. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.13 All normal transactions are ________.

       A. Private transactions

       B. Multi-signature Transactions

       C. Public transactions

       D. Single-signature Transactions

Ans : Single-signature Transactions

Q.14 MetaMask wallet is a Browser Extension.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.15 Wallets and Ethereum Clients are used to interact with Ethereum network.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.16 How is transaction fee calculated?

       A. Gas Limit-Gas used) * gas price

       B. Gas used * gas price

       C. Gas used * Gas Limit

       D. Gas used + gas price

Ans : Gas used * gas price

Q.17 ______ is a personal testnetwork that is a part of truffle suite.

       A. Kovan

       B. Ropsten

       C. Ganache

       D. Goerli

Ans : Ganache

Q.18 Configuration file of Truffle is?

       A. truffle-configuration.js

       B. truffle-config.ts

       C. truffle-config.js

       D. truffle.js

Ans : truffle-config.js

Q.19 Solidity is a _____ language.

       A. Turing incomplete

       B. Turing Complete

       C. Interpreted

       D. Dynamic

Ans : Turing Complete

Q.20 Remix IDE cannot be used with a Browser.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.21 Remix IDE can be locally installed.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.22 Which is the command to install truffle?

       A. npm install -g truffleSuite

       B. npm install -g truffleCompiler

       C. npm install truffleSuite

       D. npm install -g truffle

Ans : npm install -g truffle

Q.23 Which of the following is a geth command?

       A. geth.accounts

       B. eth.account

       C. geth.getAccounts

       D. eth.getAccounts

Ans : geth.accounts

Q.24 If the actual Gas used in a Contract execution is less than the Gas specified by the user, the additional amount is returned.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.25 Solidity is a statically typed language.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.26 Truffle can be used for ____

       A. Testing Contracts.

       B. Debugging contracts

       C. Compiling Contracts, Deploying Contracts

       D. Creating front-end for DApps

       E. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.27 For EIP to become a new ERC, _________________.

       A. Approved by Ethereum Committee

       B. Deployed in the Blockchain

       C. Is to follow coding standards

       D. Is to be coded properly

Ans : Approved by Ethereum Committee

Q.28 ______signifies the amount of gas to be spent for a transaction.

       A. Ether

       B. Gas limit

       C. Gas price

       D. Ether limit

Ans : Gas limit

Q.29 Which of the following is a Proof of Work implemented test network?

       A. Ganache

       B. Ropsten

       C. Rinkeby

       D. Kovan

Ans : Ropsten

Q.30 Which of the follwing is an extension of Solidity file?

       A. .json

       B. .sol

       C. .bat

       D. .class

Ans : .sol

Q.31 _______contains the Development Environment, testing Framework, and the asset pipeline.

       A. Metamask

       B. Truffle

       C. Ganache

       D. Mist

Ans : Truffle

Q.32 ______ functions can only be called from inside the present contract, and cannot be called by the inherited contracts.

       A. External

       B. Internal

       C. Private

       D. Public

Ans : Private

Q.33 How the ether is brought into the Ethereum system?

       A. Issued by participation

       B. Exchanging with bitcoin

       C. Mining

       D. Buying

Ans : Mining

Q.34 MetaMask wallet is a ______.

       A. Browser Extension

       B. Physical wallet

       C. Hot Wallet

       D. Full Node Wallet

Ans : Browser Extension

Q.35 Which control structure is not supported by Solidity?

       A. Switch

       B. Do while

       C. While

       D. for

Ans : Switch

Q.36 What is the denomination used in Ethereum?

       A. Ether

       B. Kei

       C. Wei

       D. Bitcoin

Ans : Wei

Q.37 Ethereum network is classified into _________.

       A. Public and Consortium blockchain

       B. Public and Private blockchain

       C. Consortium and Private blockchain

       D. Public, Private and Consortium blockchain

Ans : Public, Private and Consortium blockchain

Q.38 _______ is a collection of libraries used to create easy and better front-end for Ethereum DApps.

       A. Drizzle

       B. Truffle

       C. Ganache

       D. Crizzle

Ans : Drizzle

Q.39 What is the token used for executing Smart Contracts?

       A. Ether

       B. Bitcoin

       C. Gas

       D. Dollars

Ans : Gas

Q.40 How can one send ethers?

       A. Between accounts on the same network

       B. Between accounts on any network

       C. Between accounts on any private network

       D. All the options

Ans : Between accounts on the same network

Q.41 Ethereum Virtual Machine supports turing complete languages.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.42 Contract Accounts have code associated with them.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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