‘Disease X’ could be 20 times more deadlier compared to COVID-19, expert Suggest

In this article we will discuss about ‘Disease X’ could be 20 times more deadlier compared to COVID-19, expert Suggest

Healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom have been diligently making preparations for an anticipated emerging threat known as ‘Disease X.’ This newly identified pathogen is believed to possess a higher level of lethality compared to COVID-19, potentially resulting in a significant twenty-fold rise in the number of fatalities. There are reports indicating that, in the most dire circumstances, Disease X could be responsible for as many as 50 million deaths.

Due to the recurring and well-known presence of COVID-19, healthcare experts in the United Kingdom are presently preparing for a possible upcoming pandemic referred to as “Disease X.” These professionals have conveyed a clear message of caution, highlighting that this new virus has the potential to be as destructive as the Spanish Flu pandemic that occurred from 1918 to 1920.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Kate Bingham, who served as the chairperson of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce from May to December 2020, conveyed her opinion that Disease X possesses the capacity to be considerably more hazardous than COVID-19.

Disease X can lead to 50 million fatalities

Based on expert assessments, Disease X carries the alarming potential to result in approximately 50 million fatalities. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kate Bingham drew a somber comparison, stating, “To provide some context, the 1918-19 influenza pandemic claimed the lives of a minimum of 50 million people worldwide, which is twice the number lost in World War I. Today, we could expect a similar magnitude of casualties from one of the many viruses already in existence.”

Bingham emphasized that “the world will need to prepare for mass vaccination campaigns and deliver doses in record time.”

She said that although scientists have identified 25 virus families, which bring together thousands of individual viruses, she believes that experts have yet to discover millions of viruses and that they have the potential to detect. develop into a pandemic.

“In a sense, we can consider ourselves fortunate when it comes to COVID-19, despite it caused over 20 million deaths worldwide. The crucial point here is that the majority of individuals infected with the virus managed to recover. Now, imagine the scenario where Disease X is as contagious as measles but carries a fatality rate as high as Ebola [67%]. Somewhere in the world, it’s replicating, and it’s only a matter of time before someone begins to exhibit symptoms,” commented Bingham.

'Disease X' could be 20 times more deadlier compared to COVID-19, expert Suggest

According to Bingham, the increase in outbreaks may be due to the trend of more people gathering in urban areas. She further points out that this increase is also due to the continued destruction of millions of acres of natural habitat each year.

“This factor holds particular significance because roughly three-quarters of emerging infectious diseases originate in animals and then cross over from species to species until, under certain conditions, they can infect humans,” she elaborated.

In her perspective, one of the initial necessary actions involves the allocation of crucial financial resources, essentially meaning “committing the necessary funds.” “The economic consequences of not taking action are substantial. After all, even COVID-19, which is a milder virus compared to Disease X, left us facing a bill of $16 trillion in terms of both lost economic output and public health expenditure,” Bingham pointed out.

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