Digital for Industries Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 Overlaying Digital Information virtually in a physical world is called ___________.

       A. Virtual Reality

       B. Second Life

       C. Cyberspace

       D. Augmented Reality

Ans : Augmented Reality

Q.2 3D printing is the popular consumer name for which accurate industry terminology?

       A. Additive Manufacturing

       B. IoT

       C. Smart Manufacturing

       D. Robotic Automation

Ans : Additive Manufacturing

Q.3 Who founded PayPal?

       A. Jack Dorsey

       B. Sergei Brin

       C. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

       D. Elon Musk

Ans : Elon Musk

Q.4 Which technology is transforming financial advisory services using Chatbots and Natural Language Processing?

       A. Robotic Process Automation

       B. Robo Advisor

       C. Machine Learning

       D. Artificial Intelligence

Ans : Artificial Intelligence

Q.5 The technology that allows companies to place ads on somebody else’s website using cookies is called?

       A. Doubleclick

       B. Adsense

       C. Retargeting

       D. Adwords

Ans : Retargeting

Q.6 The category of Machine Learning/AI algorithms used to detect insurance fraud is called?

       A. Naïve Bayes

       B. Anomaly Detection

       C. Deep Learning

       D. Reinforcement Learning

Ans : Anomaly Detection

Q.7 What disruptive service, now available to everyone, was initially created to run and manage

       A. MongoDB

       B. Amazon Web Services

       C. Shopify

       D. ElasticSearch

Ans : ElasticSearch

Q.8 Which of the following technologies enable(s) Amazon to identify which product has been picked up by which customer from their new Amazon:Go store?

       A. APIs

       B. AI

       C. Beacons

       D. All the options

Ans : Beacons

Q.9 The business model that leverages the power of social networks and reduced cost of discovery and coordination is called ________.

       A. The Sharing Economy

       B. Industry 4.0

       C. The Digital Economy

       D. The Virtual Economy

Ans : The Digital Economy

Q.10 Which of these companies holds the record for being the largest provider of accommodation during the Football world cup in Brazil in 2014?

       A. Airbnb

       B. Sheraton

       C. Marriott

       D. Hyatt

Ans : Airbnb

Q.11 5G Networks enable ________.

       A. IoT and other connected devices

       B. Reimagined learning

       C. Faster streaming

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.12 The largest and the most successful launch ever (in terms of revenue in the first 24 hours) of an entertainment product till date is ________.

       A. Fallout 4 (the game)

       B. Call of Duty: Black Ops (the game)

       C. Baahubali 2 (the movie)

       D. Titanic (the movie)

Ans : Baahubali 2 (the movie)

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