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Computer Networks Question-Answer

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Q.1 In the layer hierarchy as the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layers, headers are ___________.

       A. Added

       B. Removed

       C. Rearranged

       D. Modified

Ans : Added

Q.2 The structure or format of data is called ___________.

       A. Syntax

       B. Semantics

       C. Struct

       D. Formatting

Ans : Syntax

Q.3 The IETF standards documents are called ________.

       A. RFC

       B. RCF

       C. ID

       D. DFC

Ans : RFC

Q.4 The first Network was called ________.

       A. CNNET

       B. NSFNET

       C. ASAPNET

       D. ASAPNET


Q.5 Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ______________ transmission.

       A. Automatic

       B. Half-duplex

       C. Full-duplex

       D. Simplex

Ans : Simplex

Q.6 A _______ is the physical path over which a message travels.

       A. Path

       B. Medium

       C. Protocol

       D. Route

Ans : Medium

Q.7 Which organization has authority over interstate and international commerce in the communications field?

       A. ITU-T

       B. IEEE

       C. FCC

       D. ISOC

Ans : FCC

Q.8 Which of this is not a network edge device?

       A. Smartphones

       B. PC

       C. Servers

       D. Switch

Ans : Switch

Q.9 Three or more devices share a link in ________ connection.

       A. Multipoint

       B. Point to point

       C. Simplex

       D. Unipoint

Ans : Multipoint

Q.10 A _________ set of rules that governs data communication.

       A. Servers

       B. Protocols

       C. Standards

       D. RFCs

Ans : Protocols

Computer Networks Computer Science Engineering Engineering Exam MCQ



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