Computer Networks Question-Answer Part 4

Q.1 OSI stands for __________.

       A. Open system interconnection

       B. Operating system interface

       C. Optical service implementation

       D. Open service Internet

Ans : Open system interconnection

Q.2 The number of layers in ISO OSI reference model is __________.

       A. 4

       B. 5

       C. 6

       D. 7

Ans : 7

Q.3 TCP/IP model does not have ______ layer but OSI model have this layer.

       A. Application layer

       B. session layer

       C. transport layer

       D. network layer

Ans : Session layer

Q.4 Which layer is used to link the network support layers and user support layers?

       A. session layer

       B. transport layer

       C. data link layer

       D. network layer

Ans : transport layer

Q.5 Which address is used on the internet for employing the TCP/IP protocols?

       A. physical address and logical address

       B. specific address

       C. port address

       D. All of the above

Ans : All of the above

Q.6 TCP/IP model was developed _____ the OSI model.

       A. prior to

       B. after

       C. with no link to

       D. simultaneous to

Ans : Prior to

Q.7 Which layer is responsible for process to process delivery in a general network model?

       A. Network layer

       B. Session layer

       C. Transport layer

       D. Data Link layer

Ans : Transport layer

Q.8 Which address is used to identify a process on a host by the transport layer?

       A. physical address

       B. logical address

       C. port address

       D. specific address

Ans : port address

Q.9 Which layer provides the services to user?

       A. Session layer

       B. Application layer

       C. Presentation layer

       D. Physical layer

Ans : Application layer

Q.10 Transmission data rate is decided by ____________.

       A. network layer

       B. physical layer

       C. data link layer

       D. transport layer

Ans : physical layer

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