Cloud Foundry Interview Question-Answer Part -1

Cloud Foundry Interview Question- – 2

Q.1 Cloud Foundry is a ________ type of distributed services.

       A. Platform as a service

       B. Software as a Service

       C. Infrastructure as a Service

       D. All the options

Ans : Platform as a service

Q.2 _________ directs incoming traffic to the Cloud Foundry.

       A. Login Server

       B. Router

       C. Cloud controller

       D. OAuth2 server

Ans : Router

Q.3 Which is the commercial product offered by Cloud Foundry?

       A. Pivotal Web Services

       B. Pivotal Web Services – E

       C. Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Ans : Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Q.4 ______ stores longer-lived control data like component IP addresses and distributed locks.

       A. Consul

       B. NATS

       C. Bulletin Board System

       D. All the options

Ans : Consul

Q.5 Command to login to Cloud Foundry is _____.

       A. cf start

       B. cf login

       C. cf routes

       D. cf push

Ans : cf login

Q.6 The location where the applications are deployed is known as ______.

       A. Buildpacks

       B. Spaces

       C. Manifests

       D. Application

Ans : Spaces

Q.7 With Platform as a Service, your infrastructure management responsibilities are greatly reduced.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.8 Default space for PWS is____.

       A. testing

       B. development

       C. production

Ans : development

Q.9 ______ is the dependancy of an external appllication.

       A. Service

       B. Manifests

       C. Buildpacks

       D. Organization

Ans : Service

Q.10 Services that are selected from the marketplace catalog are known as ______.

       A. Custom built services

       B. User defined services

       C. Managed services

       D. All the options

Ans : Managed services

Q.11 Which of the following command lists all the applications within a space?

       A. cf app <app_name>

       B. cf log <app name>

       C. cf apps

       D. cf events <app-name>

Ans : cf apps

Q.12 Which of the following command is used to deploy an application to Cloud Foundry?

       A. cf push

       B. cf routes

       C. cf start

       D. cf login

Ans : cf push

Q.13 ______ is a blob of metadata or a file containing metadata of a group of accompanying files.

       A. Application

       B. Buildpacks

       C. Apaces

       D. Manifests

Ans : Manifests

Q.14 Which of the following option is used to specify push timeout in seconds?

       A. -v

       B. -t

       C. -n

       D. -i

Ans : -t

Q.15 What is the route that is set for the application and deployed using the command?

       A. cf push spring-music


       C. HTTP 400


Ans : cf push spring-music

Q.16 Cloud Foundry is ____________ agnostic.

       A. Development

       B. Support

       C. Management

       D. None of the options

Ans : Support

Q.17 What is the deployment blueprint for an application?

       A. Buildpack

       B. Routes

       C. Manifest

       D. Services

Ans : Manifest

Q.18 CF_STAGING_TIMEOUT and CF_STARTUP_TIMEOUT commands are used to control stagging and start up.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.19 As per 12 Factor, each component in the codebase should be an APP.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.20 Processes should be _____________.

       A. Preserved

       B. Indispensable

       C. Type of variable value

       D. Dispensable

Ans : Indispensable

Q.21 Select the invalid commands from below.

       A. cf start

       B. cf restage

       C. cf stage

       D. cf restart

Ans : cf stage

Q.22 Command that is used to deploy an application in Cloud Foundry is _____________.

       A. cf push

       B. cf upload

       C. cf stage

       D. cf start

Ans : cf push

Q.23 Select the valid log manager____.

       A. Logentries

       B. Splunk

       C. Logstash

       D. Papertrail

Ans : Splunk

Q.24 _________________ allows cloud controller to locate instances on separate zones to boost redundancy.

       A. Cloud Zones

       B. Availability Space

       C. Space Zones

       D. Availability Zones

       E. Organizations

       F. Cloud Space

Ans : Availability Zones

Q.25 The URL of an application is ________________.

       A. Domain

       B. Subdomain.domain

       C. Domain.subdomain

       D. Subdomain

Ans : Domain

Q.26 ____ restricts the availability of resources to an organization.

       A. Domain

       B. Routes

       C. Quotas

       D. Services

Ans : Quotas

Q.27 Manifest files have the extension as _______.

       A. .XML

       B. .ZML

       C. .ML

       D. .YML

Ans : .XML

Q.28 Select the responsibilities of a Service Broker.

       A. Make create/bind/ unbind/ delete calls to service nodes

       B. SaaS marketplace gateway

       C. Advertising service catalog

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Cloud Foundry Interview Question- – 2

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