Chief of Cheer: This Company Will Pay You $2,500 to Watch 25 Holiday Movies in 25 Days

Who said watching holiday movies can’t be a real job? A company is willing to pay you to watch 25 movies in 25 days. wants to hire someone to fill his “Cheer of Cheer” position, a dream job that pays you $2,500 and a one-year subscription to a handful of streaming services if you can ask.

“One of our favorite holiday traditions is breaking the bin of old VHS tapes (or, more realistically, the ‘holiday’ sections of our favorite streaming services) and watching some classic seasonal movies. If you feel the same, we have good news for you: You may be paid $2,500 to keep up this festive tradition.

Interested candidates who are at least 18 years of age or above must apply online before 12:00 pm till Friday, December 1.

In addition to a couple grands, will pay for seven memberships in the next year.

This list includes:

  • Netflix

  • Hulu

  • Disney+

  • Amazon Prime

  • Max

  • Hallmark Movies Now

  • Apple TV+

Not technically.

The sponsors of the contest, so to speak, also want you to keep track of each film and rank it in three categories: nostalgia, heartwarming story, and holiday cheer.

You’re also tasked with ranking the seven streaming services you’ll get in terms of accessibility, functionality, and holiday movie selection.

  • Is the streaming service easy to use?

  • Did you have any problems using the streaming service, such as poor video quality or error codes?

  • Is there a good selection of holiday movies in service? wants participants to be honest in their responses to best serve readers.

To apply for most coveted job position, interested applicants must provide their first and last name, an email address and confirm background and age in an online form.

You also need to tell the company why you think you’re the best person for the job.

According to the website, the only other requirement is “a deep love for holiday movies, a song in your heart, and the will to marathon 25 movies in 25 days.”

The company will reach out to the winner via email on Tuesday, December 5.

To read the fine print before applying for the post, visit

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