Bundling with Webpack Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 The distinct feature of Webpack is ___________.

       A. Code-Splitting

       B. Bundling

       C. Modularity

       D. Reusability

Ans : Bundling

Q.2 Which of the following codes can help us perform compilation automatically?

       A. load: “webpack ./src/app.js ./dist/bundle.js”

       B. build: “webpack ./src/app.js ./dist/bundle.js”

       C. automate: “webpack ./src/app.js ./dist/bundle.js”

       D. execute: “webpack ./src/app.js ./dist/bundle.js”

Ans : build: “webpack ./src/app.js ./dist/bundle.js”

Q.3 Which of the following software is necessary to install Webpack?

       A. Visual Basic

       B. node.js

       C. JVM

       D. All of the above

Ans : node.js

Q.4 Which of the following Webpack features enables Code on Demand?

       A. Loaders

       B. Plugins

       C. Bundling

       D. Code-Splitting

Ans : Code-Splitting

Q.5 file:///home/ram/work/webpack_practice/index.html implies that the file gets loaded from the __________.

       A. Memory

       B. Server

       C. Local machine

       D. None of the options

Ans : Memory

Q.6 Which of the following tells Webpack how to treat a Bundled Code?

       A. Entry Point

       B. Plugins

       C. Output

       D. Loaders

Ans : Output

Q.7 Webpack supports third-party libraries.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.8 Which of the following codes can be used to install the style loader?

       A. node install style-loader -save-dev

       B. npm install style-loader –save-dev

       C. npm install style-loader -save-dev

       D. node install style-loader –save-dev

Ans : node install style-loader –save-dev

Q.9 Which helps in using Babel with Webpack?

       A. babel-preset-es2015

       B. babel-loader

       C. None of the options

       D. babel-core

Ans : babel-loader

Q.10 Which of the following loaders can be used to process style sheets?

       A. style_sheet-loader

       B. style-loader

       C. css-loader

       D. None of the options

Ans : css-loader

Q.11 Webpack understands _________ alone.

       A. HTML

       B. CSS

       C. Javascript

       D. All of the above

Ans : Javascript

Q.12 Which of the following features is considered to be the backbone of Webpack?

       A. Entry and Output

       B. Modules

       C. Plugins

       D. Loaders

Ans : Plugins

Q.13 _________ simplifies the creation of HTML files to serve Webpack bundles?

       A. ScriptHTMLPlugin

       B. HtmlAddPlugin

       C. HtmlWebpackPlugin

       D. HtmlPlugin

Ans : HtmlWebpackPlugin

Q.14 Plugins are instantiable objects.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.15 In Webpack, we can use _________.

       A. Built-in plugins

       B. Custom plugins

       C. None of the options

       D. Both the options

Ans : Custom plugins

Q.16 Custom plugins can be installed through ___________.

       A. None of the options

       B. Both the options

       C. node.js

       D. npm

Ans : npm

Q.17 Webpack can be optimized with which of the following commands?

       A. webpack –optimize/minimize

       B. webpack optimize -minimize

       C. webpack –optimize-minimize

       D. webpack optimize minimize

       E. webpack –optimize–minimize

Ans : webpack –optimize-minimize

Q.18 Webpack is written in __________.

       A. React

       B. ES6

       C. JavaScript

       D. Redux

Ans : JavaScript

Q.19 Webpack is a/an ______________ tool.

       A. Open Source

       B. Closed Source

       C. Paid

       D. None

Ans : Open Source

Q.20 A plugin can be instantiated with the keyword ________.

       A. add

       B. new

       C. instantiate

       D. require

Ans : new

Q.21 Which of the following makes Webpack extensible?

       A. Loaders

       B. Entry

       C. Plugins

       D. Output

Ans : Plugins

Q.22 Which of the following is a Node.js express server?

       A. webpack–dev-server

       B. webpack-dev-server

       C. webpack-dev–server

       D. webpack–dev–server

Ans : webpack-dev-server

Q.23 CoffeeScript can be transformed to JavaScript with the help of ___________.

       A. Loaders

       B. Compilers

       C. Translators

       D. Plugins

Ans : Translators

Q.24 Webpack is recommended for large web applications.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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