Azure Essentials Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 The new Azure Portal is accessed using ___________.

       A. https:\

       B. https:\

       C. https:\

       D. https:\

Ans : https:\

Q.2 When using Azure Resource Manager, you can use a _______________ for deployment, which can build identical environments for different work scenarios such as testing, staging, and production.

       A. Resource Group

       B. Template

       C. Resource Manager

       D. Declarative Syntax

Ans : Template

Q.3 You can view the latest data center map and Pay as You Go subscription information in (the) ________?

       A. Azure Trust Centre

       B. Azure Regional Center

       C. Azure Dash Board

       D. All the Mentioned

Ans : Azure Dash Board

Q.4 Azure is Microsoft’s ___________ as a Service Web hosting service.

       A. Infrastructure

       B. Software

       C. Platform

       D. All the options mentioned

Ans : Infrastructure

Q.5 A subnet is a range of IP addresses in a __________.

       A. VM role instance

       B. VNet

       C. DNS Server

       D. Cloud Service

Ans : VNet

Q.6 Which Azure networking component is the core unit from which administrators can have full control over IP address assignments, name resolution, security settings, and routing rules?

       A. Routing Tables

       B. Virtual Networks (VNETs)

       C. Load Balancers

       D. Local Network

Ans : Virtual Networks (VNETs)

Q.7 Microsoft uses industry standard _______________ dynamic routing protocol to exchange routes between your on-premises network, your instances in Azure, and Microsoft public addresses.

       A. OSPF

       B. EGP

       C. BGP

       D. RIP

Ans : BGP

Q.8 Default Private IP address allocation method is _________.

       A. Static

       B. Dynamic

       C. Hybrid

       D. Public

Ans : Dynamic

Q.9 To how many resource groups can a resource be added?

       A. 1

       B. 8

       C. 64

       D. 1024

Ans : 1

Q.10 Most types of resources can be moved to a different resource group at _______.

       A. Never

       B. Only once

       C. 100 to 1000 times

       D. Anytime

Ans : Anytime

Q.11 The VM size determines the number of __________.

       A. Mac

       B. Ip

       C. Nic

       D. Vip

Ans : Nic

Q.12 You need to deploy a virtual machine on Azure with a low memory entry level requirement. Which virtual machine sizes should you consider choosing?

       A. Basic_A0- Basic_A4

       B. Standard_A5- Standard_A7

       C. Standard_G1-Standard_G5

       D. Standard_D1-Standard_D14

Ans : Basic_A0- Basic_A4

Q.13 In which type of Storage replication, data is not replicated across multiple datacenters?

       A. Geo-redundant storage (GRS)

       B. Zone-redundant storage (ZRS)

       C. Read access geo-redundant storage (RA-GRS)

       D. Locally redundant storage (LRS)

Ans : Locally redundant storage (LRS)

Q.14 Geo Redundancy is to provide high availability in ________.

       A. Geographically

       B. Same zones

       C. Locally

       D. Same regions

Ans : Geographically

Q.15 What type of storage account is backed by magnetic drives and provides the lowest cost per GB?

       A. Blob

       B. Standard

       C. General Purpose

       D. None of the options

Ans : Standard

Q.16 Which of the following option helps Azure maintain a high availability and fault tolerance when deploying and upgrading applications?

       A. Failover cluster

       B. Replica set

       C. Public IP address

       D. Availability set

       E. Scale set

Ans : Availability set

Q.17 Geo-replication is enabled by default in Windows Azure Storage.

       A. Yes

       B. No

Ans : Yes

Q.18 Azure Virtual Machines only support VMs running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.19 Which of the following is also called Compute?

       A. Set of commodity servers

       B. Set of virtual machine instances

       C. Set of replicas

Ans : Set of virtual machine instances

Q.20 A VM can have multiple associated IP addresses. Which of the following options are possible IP addresses associated with a VM?

       A. Static public IP

       B. Static private IP

       C. Dynamic private IP

       D. Public virtual IP

       E. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.21 Azure data is replicated ________ times for data protection and writes are checked for consistency.

       A. Three

       B. Six

       C. Two

Ans : Three

Q.22 SQL Azure is a cloud-based relational database service that relies on _________.

       A. SQL Server

       B. MySQL

       C. Oracle

Ans : SQL Server

Q.23 Which of the following are a worldwide content caching and delivery system for Windows Azure blob content?

       A. CDN

       B. DNC

       C. CND

       D. None of the options

Ans : CDN

Q.24 The connection between storage and Microsoft’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) is stated to be at least _______ percent available.

       A. 99

       B. 99.9

       C. 95

Ans : 99.9

Q.25 Which of the following specific components are incorporated on HDInsight clusters?

       A. Spark

       B. Storm

       C. Hive

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.26 Which of the following Windows Server roles is not supported on Azure Virtual Machines?

       A. Remote Access

       B. Windows server update server

       C. Webserver

       D. Hyper-v

Ans : Hyper-v

Q.27 The smallest recommended virtual machine size in Azure for a production environment is _________.

       A. A1

       B. G1

       C. A2

       D. D1

Ans : A1

Q.28 Geo-replication is enabled by default in Windows Azure Storage.

       A. Yes

       B. No

Ans : Yes

Q.29 Which type of storage offering uses SSDs and is intended for use with Virtual machines?

       A. Blob

       B. Standard

       C. Basic

Ans : Standard

Q.30 Which of the following services allow the creation and management of virtual machines that serve either in a Web role and a Worker role?

       A. Network

       B. Storage

       C. Compute

Ans : Compute

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