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Application Layer Interview/Exam Question-Answer

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Q.1 Which one of the following allows a user at one site to establish a connection to another site and then pass keystrokes from local host to remote host?

       A. Telnet

       B. HTTP

       C. FTP

       D. TCP

Ans : Telnet

Q.2 The packet of information at the application layer is called __________.

       A. Packet

       B. Message

       C. Segment

       D. Frame

Ans : Message

Q.3 The ____________ translates internet domain and host names to IP address.

       A. Domain name system

       B. Internet relay chat

       C. Routing information protocol

       D. Network time protocol

Ans : Domain name system

Q.4 Which is not a application layer protocol?

       A. TCP

       B. SMTP

       C. HTTP

       D. FTP

Ans : TCP

Q.5 Which one of the following protocol delivers/stores mail to reciever server?

       A. Simple mail transfer protocol

       B. Post office protocol

       C. Internet mail access protocol

       D. Hypertext transfer protocol

Ans : Simple mail transfer protocol

Q.6 Application developer has permission to decide the following on transport layer side

       A. Transport layer protocol

       B. Maximum buffer size

       C. Both Transport layer protocol and Maximum buffer size

       D. None of the above

Ans : Both Transport layer protocol and Maximum buffer size

Q.7 Application layer protocol defines ____________.

       A. Rules for when and how processes send and respond to messages

       B. types of messages exchanged

       C. message format, syntax and semantics

       D. All of the above

Ans : All of the above

Q.8 Which one of the following is an architecture paradigms?

       A. Both Peer-to-Peer & Client-Server

       B. HTTP

       C. Peer to peer

       D. Client-server

Ans : Both Peer-to-Peer & Client-Server

Q.9 The ASCII encoding of binary data is called

       A. base 16 encoding

       B. base 32 encoding

       C. base 8 encoding

       D. base 64 encoding

Ans : base 64 encoding

Q.10 Application layer offers _______ service.

       A. Process to process

       B. Both End to end and Process to process

       C. End to end

       D. None of the above

Ans : End to end

Q.11 Which one of the following is an internet standard protocol for managing devices on IP network?

       A. Internet message access protocol

       B. Media gateway protocol

       C. Dynamic host configuration protocol

       D. Simple network management protocol

Ans : Simple network management protocol

Q.12 E-mail is _________.

       A. Elastic application

       B. Bandwidth-sensitive application

       C. Loss-tolerant application

       D. None of the above

Ans : Elastic application



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