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APIGEE – API Services Interview Question-Answer

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Q.1 Apigee provides ____ services.

       A. Developer

       B. API

       C. Analytics

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.2 Apigee adds ____ before your API along with policies.

       A. Gateway

       B. Proxy

       C. Manager

       D. All the options

Ans : Proxy

Q.3 APIs are software interfaces that allow different applications to talk to one another.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.4 The Edge API proxy’s primary consumers are _____.

       A. App developers

       B. API developers

Ans : App developers

Q.5 Companies expose their services as a set of HTTP _____.

       A. Endpoints

       B. Proxies

Ans : Endpoints

Q.6 Apigee cannot modify the backend service implementation without affecting the public API.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.7 Apigee’s API platform allows you to ____ your APIs.

       A. Secure

       B. Scale

       C. Manage

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.8 Using ____ will disable security and treat all requests without any authentication as a guest.

       A. /

       B. /**

       C. **

       D. *

Ans : /**

Q.9 An API proxy can be _____.

       A. XML files

       B. exe files

       C. Javascript

       D. All the options

Ans : All the options

Q.10 Apigee allows you to restrict the number of results returned from BaaS using the parameter _____.

       A. limit

       B. number

       C. max

       D. threshold

Ans : limit

Q.11 One of the features of BaaS is ____.

       A. Scaling

       B. Messaging

       C. Push Notification

       D. Search

Ans : Push Notification

Q.12 ____ endpoint interacts with apps that consume your API.

       A. Target

       B. Proxy

Ans : Proxy

Q.13 BaaS helps in setting a Cloud-based data platform without any server-side coding.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.14 Authorization header can be sent to the backend service.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.15 ______ can program the behavior of the proxies.

       A. Endpoints

       B. Rules

       C. Javascript

       D. Policy

Ans : Policy

Q.16 The following are Apigee policy types, except _______.

       A. Security

       B. Insurance

       C. Traffic management

       D. Mediation

Ans : Insurance

Q.17 When you need to explicitly clear the cache during request processing, use ____.

       A. Lookup Cache

       B. Populate Cache

       C. Invalidate Cache

       D. Response Cache

Ans : Invalidate Cache

Q.18 _____ specifies the target URL to be used by the service call out.

       A. <Request variable>

       B. <Response>

       C. <HTTPTargetConnection><URL>

       D. None of the options

Ans : <HTTPTargetConnection><URL>

Q.19 In Assign message policy, ____ creates the named context variables.

       A. <Set><QueryParams>

       B. <AssignTo>

       C. <AssignVariable>

       D. <Response>

Ans : <AssignTo>

Q.20 ______ policy smooths traffic spikes by dividing a limit that you define into smaller intervals.

       A. Spike Arrest Policy

       B. Quota Policy

       C. Concurrent Rate Limit Policy

       D. All the options

Ans : Spike Arrest Policy

Q.21 To write arbitrary data to the cache use _____

       A. Lookup Cache

       B. Response Cache

       C. Invalidate Cache

       D. Populate Cache

Ans : Populate Cache

Q.22 ______ on Apigee Edge adds more programmability to the Edge API platform.

       A. XML files

       B. Node.js

       C. Javascript

       D. All the options

Ans : Node.js

Q.23 ______command downloads the express module at the specified version and updates the dependencies list in the package.json file.

       A. npm install express@4.13.3 –save

       B. npm install yql@1.0.2 –save

Ans : npm install express@4.13.3 –save

Q.24 VerifyAccessToken operation takes place at the end of the API proxy flow.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.25 While requesting for access token, you can send consumer key and consumer secret as a parameter in _____.

       A. Body

       B. Header

Ans : Body

Q.26 Authorization header can be sent to the backend service.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.27 You need to manually create API key for the developer app.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.28 ______ is a significant attack vector used by malicious API consumers.

       A. Virus

       B. Message content

       C. Ransomware

       D. Trojan

Ans : Message content

Q.29 _____ are the files that implement the configuration to be executed by a policy.

       A. API

       B. Proxies

       C. Resources

       D. None of the options

Ans : Resources

Q.30 _____ data from the users’ GPS-enabled devices help to target campaigns, push notifications, offers, and more effectively.

       A. Geolocation

       B. Region

       C. Geography

       D. Map

Ans : Geolocation

Q.31 For Node.js, the _____ module and its dependencies are designed.

       A. apigeejs

       B. apigeetool

       C. apigeemodule

       D. apigeenode

Ans : apigeetool

Q.32 Once data is loaded, Apigee automatically creates an/a ________ to access your data.

       A. Graph

       B. Portal

       C. Proxy

       D. API

Ans : API

Q.33 An API proxy can be deployed in ____ environment(s).

       A. prod only

       B. both test and prod

       C. test only

Ans : both test and prod

Q.34 Mashed-up APIs provide value-addition that is greater than the individual APIs.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True



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