Amazon Management and Monitoring Services Interview Question-Answer

Q.1 Which of the following intrinsic functions returns the output of another stack?

       A. Fn :: ImportValue

       B. Fn :: Select

       C. Fn :: FindInMap

       D. Fn :: GetAtt

Ans : Fn :: ImportValue

Q.2 Nested stacks in AWS will have many parent stacks, and _______ root stack.

       A. One

       B. many

       C. Two

Ans : One

Q.3 IaC is a key DevOps practice, and is used in conjunction with _____________.

       A. Continuous Integration

       B. Continuous Delivery

       C. Continuous Deployment

       D. All the options

Ans : Continuous Delivery

Q.4 Deletion of stack results in deletion of all resources created by the stack.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.5 AWS CloudFormation is a free service provision.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.6 Metrics from on-premise servers and applications can be collected by using CloudWatch.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.7 In template schema, _______ is the only mandatory argument that must be defined.

       A. Parameters

       B. Resources

       C. Conditions

       D. Mappings

Ans : Resources

Q.8 Custom metrics monitoring is always __________ monitoring.

       A. Basic

       B. Detailed

       C. High resolution

Ans : Detailed

Q.9 For high resolution metrics, the data points of metrics lesser than 60 seconds are stored for __________.

       A. 3 hours

       B. 15 months

       C. 7 days

       D. 63 days

Ans : 3 hours

Q.10 Basic monitoring is done in __________intervals and is free.

       A. 10-minute

       B. 15-minute

       C. 1-minute

       D. 5-minute

Ans : 5-minute

Q.11 CloudWatch does not automatically provide metrics for _____________.

       A. Memory Usage

       B. CPU utilization

       C. Requests

       D. All the options

Ans : CPU utilization

Q.12 The bucket created by CloudTrail has a unique _________ attached to it.

       A. BucketPolicy

       B. ACL

       C. Geo Replication

       D. Storage capacity

Ans : Geo Replication

Q.13 The number of trails you can have per region are _____.

       A. 25

       B. 10

       C. 15

       D. 5

Ans : 5

Q.14 Only VPC flow logs can be directly published to S3.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.15 CloudFront becomes futile in which of the following cases?

       A. Distributing software patches

       B. Serving static content of web application

       C. Streaming media

       D. Requests coming from a single place

Ans : Distributing software patches

Q.16 CloudTrail logs are ________ files.

       A. XML

       B. Plain text

       C. JSON

       D. All the options

Ans : JSON

Q.17 Which of the following service is used to stream on-demand video for users using CloudFront?

       A. Elemental Media package

       B. Elemental media convert

       C. Media live

Ans : Media live

Q.18 Which of the following methods help CloudFront make users request content through signed URLs?

       A. WAF

       B. OIA

       C. HTTPS request

       D. All the options

Ans : OIA

Q.19 CloudTrail events are saved in event history for a duration of ___ days.

       A. 10

       B. 90

       C. 15

       D. 7

Ans : 90

Q.20 If an S3-origin is configured as a website endpoint, does it support RTMP distribution?

       A. Yes

       B. No

Ans : No

Q.21 What queue is preferred for duplication of messages?

       A. Standard

       B. FIFO

Ans : Standard

Q.22 SNS is a ______ delivery system and SQS is a ________ delivery system.

       A. push, pull

       B. push, push

       C. pull, push

       D. pull, pull

Ans : push, pull

Q.23 In an AWS design template, the “depends on” property of a resource is represented by an _________ color dot.

       A. Red

       B. Black

       C. Blue

       D. Orchid

Ans : Red

Q.24 CloudFormation can be integrated with both Chef and Puppet DevOps tools.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.25 Alarms can be used to send notifications to users, and to perform actions on behalf of the user.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

Q.26 The expiration time for CloudWatch metrics is _________.

       A. 15 months

       B. 7 months

       C. 15 days

       D. 7 days

Ans : 15 months

Q.27 The default retention period of an SQS message in a queue is______.

       A. 15 days

       B. 1 day

       C. 1 month

       D. 4 days

Ans : 4 days

Q.28 The maximum size of a single published message is _______.

       A. 64 kb

       B. 128 kb

       C. 1 Mb

       D. 256 kb

Ans : 256 kb

Q.29 CloudFront offers security at both the 4th and 7th layer of the OSI application model.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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