Operating System Question-Answer Part 3

Q.1 To recover from failures in the network operations _____________ information may be maintained.

       A. State

       B. Operating System

       C. ip address

       D. Stateless

Ans : State

Q.2 On systems where there are multiple operating system, the decision to load a particular one is done by _____________

       A. Boot Loader

       B. File control block

       C. Process control block

       D. Bootstrap

Ans : Boot Loader

Q.3 Whenever a process needs I/O to or from a disk it issues a ______________.

       A. System call to the CPU

       B. system call to the operating system

       C.A special procedure

       D. All of the mentioned

Ans : System call to the operating system

Q.4 The two steps the operating system takes to use a disk to hold its files are _______ and ________.

       A. Caching & logical formatting

       B. Logical formatting & swap space creation

       C. Swap space creation & caching

       D. Partitioning & logical formatting

Ans : Partitioning & logical formatting

Q.5 The _______ program initializes all aspects of the system, from CPU registers to device controllers and the contents of main memory, and then starts the operating system.

       A. Bootstrap

       B. Bootloader

       C. Rom

       D. Main

Ans : Bootstrap

Q.6 In SCSI disks used in high end PCs, the controller maintains a list of _________ on the disk. The disk is initialized during ________ formatting which sets aside spare sectors not visible to the operating system.

       A. destroyed blocks, partitioning

       B. bad blocks, low level formatting

       C. destroyed blocks, high level formatting

       D. bad blocks, partitioning

Ans : bad blocks, low level formatting

Q.7 Which principle states that programs, users, and even the systems be given just enough privileges to perform their task?

       A. principle of least privilege

       B. principle of process scheduling

       C. principle of operating system

       D. none of the mentioned

Ans : principle of least privilege

Q.8 Network operating system runs on ___________.

       A. Every system in the network

       B. Server

       C. Both server and every system in the network

       D. None of the above

Ans : Server

Q.9 What are the types of distributed operating systems?

       A. Zone based Operating system

       B. Level based Operating system

       C. Network Operating system

       D. All of the above

Ans : Level based Operating system

Q.10 In Unix, which system call creates the new process?

       A. Create

       B. Fork

       C. New

       D. None of the above

Ans : Fork

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